Feedback Portal

Edge Imaging Inc. is committed to providing a safe workplace and conducting business with integrity. Team members of Edge Imaging Inc. have a duty to report wrongdoing within the organization. Wrongdoing includes but is not limited to:

• Acts of fraud, falsification, or forgery;

• Theft from the company, customers, shareholders, employees, investors, or the public;

• Offering or accepting bribes;

• Abuse of authority or position for personal gain;

• Any other crime or illegal activity

If you have chosen to submit a report anonymously, please use this online process. Reports should be made as soon as reasonably possible following the incident and should include the following information:

• A description of the wrongdoing;

• The name of the persons involved;

• The date and time of the incident; and

• The names of any witnesses.

Please refer to the Unethical Behaviour Reporting policy for further details.

It is a violation of this policy for anyone to knowingly make a false report of wrongdoing.