Privacy & Security

As a digital imaging company, we have access to millions of students’ images and sensitive data like addresses. Forbes reported that global business recorded nearly 30 million significant security breaches in 2013, with that number growing annually by 33% on average.

We know it’s a matter of when, not if, the school photo industry will be targeted.

At Edge, we’re prepared for the possibility of an attack so that your data, and the data of those you care about, stays protected.

How much customer data do school photo companies collect?

We collect the data that we need to ensure a smooth photo day and delivery of photos. This includes a student’s name, student number, and grade, obtained through a list provided by the school at the beginning of the year.

We also archive student images (unless specifically requested not to), and store data we receive from our customers in order to purchase photos, like contact information and home addresses for photo delivery.

A customer’s personally identifiable information will never be rented or sold to any third party. Edge Imaging may share this information with the following:

  • Companies who work on our behalf: We partner with other companies to perform business support functions on our behalf. These companies may be involved with limited access to personal information of our customers. We require these companies to use the information only to provide the contracted services; they are prohibited from transferring the information to another party except as needed to provide those services. Some of these companies include secure monetary transaction sites, customer survey execution, and information systems management.
  • Law Enforcement: Edge Imaging may disclose personal information to third parties without their consent to comply with a court order.

Unfortunately, larger-scale school photo companies aren’t as worried about the possibility of a data breach as they should be, and smaller, independent photo companies may not have the means or the infrastructure to guard against an attack.

How is Edge Imaging prepared for an attack?

We’ve always prided ourselves on being the most secure school photo company in Canada. Our online ordering site is set up to the same standards as online banking, with 128-bit encryption.

Edge is a closed loop end-to-end system, which means that we do nearly everything ourselves in-house. Edge does use a third party event site to offer student images and photo package options post event. 

We are fully compliant with PIPEDA legislation, and intend to stay one step ahead as the legislation moves to be closer in line with GDPR.

Already data secure, we’re taking it a step further to influence our entire industry into enhancing cyber resiliency measures.  Here’s how we’re doing it:

  • In 2019, we successfully passed both an internal and external vulnerability audit. We are acting on a series of recommendations to continue to improve the safety of our data at Edge.
  • We have data redundancies in place and a disaster recovery plan.
  • Our employees are trained on an ongoing basis on how to avoid even the most convincing email scams.
  • We partner with third party companies only after an intense vetting process, working mainly as a closed loop end-to-end system.

Keeping our customers safe is our main priority. Thank you for trusting us with your students’ personal information. It means a lot to us, and we work hard to ensure you continue to feel that trust is deserved.