Corporate Social Responsibility

Empowering Youth

At Edge, we believe that a positive future comes from empowered youth. We’re committed to investing in students’ futures through education. Each year we invest thousands of dollars into programs that enrich the lives of the future leaders of Canada, through a combination of in-kind and monetary donations.

#EdgeGrad Instagram Bursary Contest

For many young people, a solid postsecondary education can help pave the way to a positive future. Since the 2015-2016 school year, Edge Imaging has been awarding a $1000 bursary annually to one lucky student each year to help offset the financial burden of tuition, textbooks, and student housing. Graduating students from Edge-photographed secondary schools are invited to share photos on Instagram using #EdgeGrad24. More information can be found here.

Tim Horton’s Foundation Camps

Since 2016, Edge Imaging has partnered with the Tim Horton’s Foundation Camps, one of Canada’s most meaningful programs, to make a difference in the life of kids from low-income families. The THFC camp programs help kids develop life skills and assets that make them more likely to succeed and less likely to live in poverty as adults.

Parents and students can help us to build brighter futures for the children in our communities through camp experiences that build valuable life skills! Each year, we create a special photo product in support of the Tim Horton’s Foundation Camps. For every THFC product sold, $1 will go directly toward sending kids on a life-changing experience.

LORAN Awards

As the official photographer of the Loran Awards, we contribute through in-kind donations to the $75,000 in tuition awarded to each winner. The program awards top university students across Ontario, chosen for their excellence in character, service, and leadership.

Ontario Student Leadership Conference

The Ontario Student Leadership Conference brings together the country’s largest group of speakers to teach, entertain, and inspire youth. Teachers and student leaders discuss best practices and learn from outstanding speakers. Our sponsorship contributes to student leadership from a high-level view as well as conference logistics and speakers.

COLS (Central Ontario Leadership Seminars) Conference

As a main supporter of the COLS Leaders Conference, we help facilitate a three-day leadership seminar that empowers the next generation of Canada’s civic, social, and corporate leaders. The conference includes independent and interactive opportunities for critical thinking.

Have a sponsorship opportunity for us?

If you’re involved with a cause that can impact the educational community in a positive way and you want us to be a part of it, please email us at

Eco Champions

The Earth is our home, and we know the importance of treating our home with respect. We care about the environment. We invest in it, and we’re proud to brag about our annual carbon offset being the equivalent of planting nearly 66,000 trees! In addition to the environmental efforts we make within our office, we also partner with organizations that we believe help make the world a greener place.

Privacy Protection

At Edge Imaging, we are firmly committed to protecting the privacy of our customers online. We pledge to safeguard any personal information that customers provide us and to make every reasonable effort to use this information only as customers choose.

We believe it’s important for parents to have the ability to order their child’s school photos at any point – even if it’s years after the photo has been taken. For this reason, we archive student photos from 2013 to present day.

With so many student images and sensitive information in our database, top-notch security is a must. Our servers are encoded with 128-bit data encryption – meaning no cloud-based storage – the same security standard as online banking.  In addition, we require all employees to successfully pass two background checks.

To read more about our stance on privacy protection and cyber security, click here.