eID Cards

eID cards are a secure, eco-friendly alternative to plastic student ID cards in a post-COVID world. Create your digital student ID linked to your school email account by logging in here.

How does it work with the Google login button?
  • eID reads the email address associated with your school Google account in order to securely match it with your profile in our Student Databse, and create your personalized eID card.
  • Using the Google Login button makes the login process easier – instead of getting a secure link sent to your email address, you can simply click and login with your school Google acccount

Get your eID card now by logging in here.

How does the application access, use, or store Google data?
  • When you use the Google login button, the eID app will read the email address associated with your Google account
  • Edge Imaging uses your email address to match with our database and issue your eID card.
  • Your email address is stored on our secure server, located in Burlington, Ontario.
  • Your email address is never shared with any third parties.
Commitment of Use: Student email addresses for eID

Edge Imaging commits to utilizing Board and/or school provided student email addresses, which will be:

i) securely stored on premise at Edge Imaging in Burlington, ON, and
ii) not shared with any third parties,

for the exclusive purpose(s) of:

i) individual and secure access to student eID (digital ID student card),
ii) school photo communication, including access to online ordering, and any
iii) Commitment of Use modifications and/or updates.

Learn more about our commitment to privacy by viewing our privacy policy.