How to Win $1000 for Post-Secondary

Senior year is one of the most exciting times to be a student. You’re at the top of the food chain in your high school, and you know that next year is going to bring a major change: either entering the workforce or going on to college or university.

If you are planning to continue your education at a post-secondary school, you’ll be meeting a whole new group of people, taking cool classes your high school doesn’t offer (Beyoncé class, anyone?), and maybe even moving away from home for the first time. 

Oh yeah, and paying tens of thousands of dollars for tuition, transportation, food, and rent.

According to a 2018 survey done by MacLean’s, the average annual cost of a university education in Canada is just under $20,000. You don’t want to know how much of that is just for textbooks, trust us.

Further education is expensive, but also necessary for so many different career paths; or, it’s the next step in the academic career you’ve always dreamed of having. We’ve been there, and we know how tough it can be when you start doing the math on how you’re going to afford it all. 

That’s why we want to empower you to graduate from post-secondary by taking a bit of that financial burden off your shoulders. In 2015, we launched a bursary contest, and have been giving away $1000 to one student each year to help him or her pay for the expenses of post-secondary education.

Want to win a $1000 bursary from us? If your school uses Edge Imaging as their photography partner, keep reading to find out how!

We're excited to give away a $1000 bursary again this year!

Make an impact

Positive role models like Emma Lim, Greta Thunberg, or the Parkland students are showing teenagers around the world that you’re never too young to make a difference. 

Maybe you’re organizing rallies against climate change, or simply volunteering at your local animal shelter. It doesn’t matter how big or small your cause is, because the energy you’re putting into it is creating an impact.

Take us along for the ride

Document your journey! We want to know what you’re doing and how your project is coming along.

Post your photos and videos on Instagram so we can see. Be sure to tag @edgeimaging and use #EdgeGrad20.

Get rewarded

Finalists will be randomly selected by Edge Imaging. At the end of the year, their stories will be sent to principals and vice-principals across Canada to determine the winner of the $1000 bursary grand prize. Runner-up prizes will also be awarded.

Not an Edge student?

Reach out to your school office and ask them to switch over so all graduating students can be eligible to win a $1000 bursary. Send them to our website for more information on our photography programs and to get in touch with an Edge representative.

Click here to read all the details on how you can win our $1000 bursary!
We're giving away a $1000 bursary to one lucky Canadian high school graduate this year... #freemoney
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