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Photo Day Tips:

Before the Photo Day

  • Aim for a HAIRCUT at least a week before the photo day, this allows hair to grow into a comfortable length for photos.
  • Check to make sure your uniform or clothing for photo day is clean and wrinkle free.

On your Photo Day

  • Wear bright and solid colours for school portraits because it emphasizes your face.
  • Wearing long sleeves allows the face to stand out more as well.
  • You might want to bring a comb to make sure your hair is perfect right before your picture.
  • If you normally wear glasses, feel free to wear them for your photos. Our photographers are trained to reduce glare on the lens.

Photo Day and Order Forms

  • If you received an ORDER FORM prior to photo day, fill out the order envelope and bring both order and money to the photographer on photo day.
  • If you did not receive an ORDER FORM prior to photo day, you will receive an order form after photo day. This means no money is required at the camera on photo day.

Photo Day and Posing

  • Practice your smile and posture in front of a mirror before photo day.
  • Remember to relax and have fun - our photographers are known to be fun and awesome people.

Still got questions? Feel free to call us at 1-888-416-3343 (EDGE) or send us a message.

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