Cyber Security in Your School

Schools are becoming the next big target for hackers.

Cyberattacks have been increasing at a rapid pace and are also becoming more sophisticated and dangerous. The state of Louisiana just declared its first-ever state of emergency due to a cyberattack. In this case, cyber threat actors were able to shut down phones and lock and encrypt data across three of the State’s school districts.

Are your chosen school vendors helping you to mitigate your risk of a data breach?

Edge Imaging has prioritized data privacy and security since its inception in 2005; it’s part of the corporate DNA. Edge management recognizes being a cyber-resilient business is not a one-time organizational activity, but an ongoing organizational commitment requiring the investment of both time and money.

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Download your free copy of the white paper, “Planning for a Certainty: SMEs and the Importance of Planning for and Mitigating Cyber Risk” below.