2019 Holiday Gift Guide: Unique Holiday Gifts for Family Members & Teachers

Halloween has come and gone. You know what that means.

It’s (un)officially the holiday season!

Every year, you join in on the conversations about how you want to get all your holiday shopping done early to avoid the mall crowds on December 23rd. Every year, you have that one friend who actually finishes all her shopping by the end of November (yes, Karen, we’re talking about you). Every year, you wonder how she does it.

We want to help you join the Karens of the world and get on top of your holiday shopping list this year. We’ve got some personalized gift ideas that we know your family members are going to love. The best part? These gifts are totally unique, and there’s no need to deal with crowds; you can do this shopping from your living room.

Holiday Cards

School pictures with fun, holiday-themed frames

Who to buy them for: Those distant cousins who, save for the yearly holiday cards, you never get to speak to.

Why they’re great: In one sheet, your child’s school photo is framed in six unique, fun, holiday-themed designs. They’re small enough to slip into an envelope and mail off with a card and a personal holiday note.

How to get them: Look for Package P when you order your child’s school photos.

Personalized Storybooks

Who to buy them for: Any child in your life would love reading a published book about adventures featuring themselves.

Why they’re great: There are so many stories to choose from. Let your child read about themselves and their friends solving mysteries with the Scooby Doo gang, fighting crime with Spider-Man, or hanging out with Disney princesses like Pocahontas. 

How to get them: Place an order with one of the online retailers that offer these awesome products.


Fun mugs personalized with your child's name and photo

Who to buy them for: Grandma and Grandpa. You know they’d love nothing more than showing off their beautiful grandchild every day with their morning cup of coffee or tea.

Why they’re great: These ceramic mugs fit 16 oz of your favourite hot drink, and are personalized with your child’s Edge photo, name, grade, and the school year. They’re one of our favourite specialty products and have been a hit ever since we introduced them in 2018.

How to get one: These mugs are only available online at edgeimgaing.ca/order.

A Personalized Bookmark

Who to buy them for: Any teacher or school librarian would absolutely love a high-end, custom bookmark.

Why they’re great: Every aspect of this bookmark is customizable, from the base, to the beads, to the engraving. They’re handmade with Tibetan silver to really show your appreciation for the people who are helping to shape your child’s young mind.

How to get one: Check out Charm Philosophy on Etsy.

A Chatbooks Photo Book

Keep your favourite memories all in one place with a curated photo book from Chatbooks.

Who to buy one for: More like, “who not to buy one for”? Grandma and Grandpa, Auntie and Uncle, and probably even Coach Frank would love one. Might as well get one for yourself while you’re at it, too.

Why they’re great: These photo books are 100% customizable. Choose your book size, number of pages, and each and every photo that goes into it. Create your book from your phone or your desktop, and use any combination of school and personal photos.

The absolute best part is that we have a code for $10 off your order!

How to get one: Download the Chatbooks app on your smartphone or visit chatbooks.com to start building your photo book. Use code “EdgeGift” at checkout to receive credit for $10 off.

Shop personalized specialty products and more when you purchase your child’s school photos online, and receive free shipping on orders over $50. Click here to browse!
Personalize your holiday gifts this year and get inspiration for unique holiday presents using school pictures.
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Personalize your holiday gifts this year and get inspiration for unique holiday presents using school pictures.
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